Simon Cowell uses a booster seat during Britain’s Got Talent auditions, we try not to laugh

It seems that Simon Cowell has been feeling somewhat dwarfed by his fellow Britain’s Got Talent judges, resorting to extreme measures as to not appear as the shortest member on the panel.

Simon Cowell has been caught using a booster seat. Copyright [Wenn]

The 53-year-old TV Talent judge was caught out by fans of the show who, after asking for a picture with him, noticed that Simon was using a booster seat on his chair.

The audience member told The Sun: “We went down the front to get a photo during one of the breaks and noticed the booster seat.”

“It's Simon down to a T. He's a small man with a big opinion and a big personality.”

Now that’s embarrassing.

Standing at 5 ft 9 in, we don’t blame Simon Cowell for wanting to add a couple of inches while sharing a panel with giant David Walliams, coming in at a comparatively goliath 6 ft 2 in.

Hit your buzzer if Simon is sitting on a booster seat! Copyright [Wenn]

A spokesperson has since however claimed that the booster seat was in fact just there for Simon’s comfort.

Yeah right…

They said: “He is using a cushion for comfort.”

Simon Cowell has always been famously paranoid about his height, investing in many a pair of Cuban heels in order to appear inches taller than he actually is.

Former Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan previously poked fun at Simon’s height.

He said: “If you look carefully, Simon grows between shows. When we’re on ­Britain’s Got Talent, he’s smaller than me, then suddenly his three pillows arrive and he’s taller than me.”

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