Simon Cowell thinks an X Factor musical is a good idea, wants to spearhead auditions to find someone to play himself

With all the drama, shocks and of course singing that go hand in hand with the X Factor it was only a certain amount of time before someone decided to adapt the TV show into a musical.

Simon Cowell is on the hunt for the perfect, er, him. Copyright [Wenn]

And it would seem that show creator Simon Cowell is behind the idea - even offering to judge the auditions for the role of himself.

Talking about the musical, which was masterminded by TV comic Harry Hill, Simon, 53, explained that he would approach the auditions for the role of himself in very much the same way he has on The X Factor.

He said: "Musicals are not my business but I'm going to approach it like I would a TV show.

“The team have spent a long time working on this and from the very first time I met Harry Hill he was absolutely besotted with the idea, so we'll see.”

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And it seems that mogul Simon has already spotted a potential money making opportunity in the audition process.

He joked: "Who would play me? We may have to do an audition show. That would be a good idea."

Simon wants to hold X Factor style auditions to find an on stage him. Copyright [Wenn]

Of course with Simon Cowell being Simon Cowell, he admits that he wants to see what the show will be like before investing fully in the project.

He explained: “We're going to see a workshop on the musical in a couple of weeks' time. What I'm hearing is that it's very funny and very good.

"That workshop will be the time we decide whether we are in or out. We have to wait and see whether it's going to work.”

"But the buzz from the people who know about these things is that it's very good."

Well if it all works out then expect to see the brand new ITV1 series, ‘The Simon Factor’, on your screens in the not so distant future.


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