Simon Cowell spooks us out this Halloween, with a rather puffy face

Simon Cowell is the spookiest thing we've seen this Halloween, after showing off a puffed up face.

Simon CowellSimon Cowell's face is spooking us out this Halloween. Copyright [Xposure]

The media super power appeared on Jay Leno with US X Factor judge Britney Spears.

But rather than focusing on the pretty American blonde, all eyes were on SiCo and his rather inflated cheeks.

Simon Cowell, X FactorSimon Cowell's face looked a little inflated, shall we say. Copyright [Getty]

Simon, who has recently hired a personal trainer after confessing to gaining weight, also showed off a very rosy complexion.

With the 53-year-old being quite open about using products to keep looking young, the pictures have lead to speculation he might have overdone it on the botox.

Meanwhile 30-year-old Britney did her best to divert eyes in her direction by wearing a VERY low-cut patterned grey dress.

Simon Cowell, Britney SpearsSimon Cowell joined Britney Spears on Jay Leno's chat show. Copyright [Getty]

Brit, who appears on the judging panel along with Demi Lovato and LA Reid, showed off a sharp fringe and straight blonde locks as she accompanied Simon on the famous sofa.

The pair are busy promoting the live shows of the US version of the ITV1 show, which kick-off on Thursday November 1.

And Simon revealed that he'd had to give the popstar a boost after she was the victim of a load of booing during the audition stages.

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He said: "She looked at me like what have I signed up for here, after two hours we had a conversation and it was like I'm not sure I should be doing this they all hate me, they're booing me... I said you're doing a brilliant job get used to it."

Britney added: "You're just like 'cringe,' you're just like 'oh my god'"

Simon Cowell's face is usually less rounded. Copyright [Wenn]