Simon Cowell reckons The Voice UK should be on radio

Even though the Britain's Got Talent ratings war with The Voice UK is over, Simon Cowell is still determined to undermine the rival show.

Simon Cowell looks pretty pleased with himself this week. Copyright [Wenn]

Simon Cowell is happy to talk about The Voice and have plenty of digs at the singing competition.

He told Radio 4's Today: "That show puzzles me because it starts off by saying, 'It's all about the voice'. So my first thought is, 'Why isn't this on radio?' Because what's the point of looking at them?"

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Not content with that catty comment, Simon Cowell went on to talk The Voice UK vs X Factor.

Simon with his Britain's Got Talent judges. Copyright [ITV]

Now that Britain's Got Talent has finished, Simon Cowell has started comparing The Voice UK to his other show, X Factor.

He said: "Once they've gone through the [Blind Auditions], then suddenly I'm watching it two weeks ago and it's the same as X Factor. They've got dancers behind them, graphics, lights. Same show."

Simon Cowell was keen to point out that it's not just a one-sided slew of cheekiness, and claimed that The Voice UK was just as keen to do battle with Britain's Got Talent.

He added: "They like to have a pop at us as well."

Simon Cowell had choice words to say about The Voice UK. Copyright [BBC]

The music mogul sounds like he was pretty happy about the competition between BGT and The Voice UK in the end, but only because he sees his show was victorious.

Simon Cowell continued: "When The Voice came along, it was kind of like - roll your sleeves up, we're in for a bit of a punch up here. I'm smiling now because we're winning.

"I wasn't so happy three weeks ago but not to the point of any silliness. They were beating us and we needed to make our shows better, and that's all we did."

All this competition is well and good, but we'd like to make a request for next year. No overlaps.