Simon Cowell eyes up Rihanna and Chris Brown as judges on the X Factor, is there anyone he won’t ask?

Simon Cowell is allegedly keen to sign up Rihanna for either the UK or US version of the X Factor.

Could these be new faces of the X Factor? Copyright [Instagram]

He really is determined to boost ratings isn't he?

According to The Sun, Simon is planning on meeting up with Rihanna over the festive period in Barbados to discuss her joining the talent show.

A source told the paper: "Simon is a huge admirer of Rihanna and knows she's star quality.

"As well as bringing an aura to the panel thanks to her current standing in music, she is also feisty and will make great TV.

"Simon loves these sort of characters."

Simon Cowell is keen to sign both Chris and Rihanna. [Copyright Wenn]

And it's not just Rihanna who Simon has his eye on.

Yep, brace yourselves people because Simon Cowell wants Rihanna's on again/ off again boyfriend Chris Brown to take over from  LA Reid who recently quit the US panel.


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The source added: "The US X Factor has improved on the first season's ratings but it's got some way to go to reach Simon's expectations.

"Adding Chris to the panel will certainly create a talking point."

A talking point yes, but whether this is will be a positive talking point is quite something else.

Over here on the UK panel, it seems that Nicole Scherzinger will be returning to the show after successfully taking two of her acts all the way to the grand final last weekend.

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