Simon Cowell buys Cheryl Cole lady title for her 30th birthday as he reveals that he didn’t snub her party

Simon Cowell seems to be doing quite a good job at making things up to his former BFF Cheryl Cole if his birthday present to her is anything to go by.

Simon Cowell has bought Cheryl Cole the title of Lady for her birthday. Copyright: [Rex]The 53-year-old star has reportedly bought a piece of land in the Scottish Highlands under Cheryl’s name which comes complete with a title.

So does that mean we have to now refer to her as Lady Cheryl?

A source told The Sun: “Simon had the deeds for the land and the details of her new title delivered to where Cheryl was staying.”

Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell used to be BFF's back in the day. Copyright [PA]It was reported over the weekend that Simon had snubbed Cheryl’s 30th birthday party celebrations after she extended an olive branch with an invite to the bash following the pair’s very public falling out after he sacked her from the X Factor USA in 2011.

A source told The Mirror: "She sent an invitation to Simon as she genuinely wanted him there.

“He’s been a big part of her life and, despite their falling out, she sees him as an old friend who she was very close to once. She was hoping he’d make it so is a little disappointed he won’t be there.

“She has put all their differences aside and moved on in her life."

Simon Cowell denied snubbing Cheryl Cole's birthday. Copyright: [Twitter]However, Simon has now hit back at the allegations that he snubbed his old friend’s bash, tweeting that he adores her and the only reason he missed the event was because it clashed with filming the third series of The X Factor USA.

The same show he fired Cheryl from, awkward.

He tweeted:"I didn't snub Cheryl's party. I just couldn't go because of my filming dates. We are close friends again and I adore her."

Er Simon, don’t you mean you didn’t snub Lady Cheryl’s party?

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