Simon Cowell banished from UK in bid to bring Dannii Minogue back to X Factor?

X Factor bosses are apparently so keen on Dannii Minogue they're willing to banish Simon Cowell.

Dannii Minogue could be returning to X Factor / WENN

We know for sure that Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh are returning to the X Factor this summer, and it looks like while Tulisa Contostavlos will be back too, Kelly Rowland won't be on the show.

X Factor bosses are reported to be determined to get Dannii Minogue back on the show and are pulling out all the stops to tempt her to return to the UK, the Sun reports.

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That involves promising that Simon Cowell will not be around the UK show, and will instead stay in America to focus on X Factor USA.

Unsurprisingly, Dannii Minogue isn't too keen on the idea of hanging out with Simon Cowell, following the revelations in Tom Bower's book that Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue had an affair.

Dannii Minogue and Simon Cowell on X Factor / Rex

Dannii Minogue has apparently been given a formal X Factor UK offer, said to be worth £750,000.

There are three options she can choose between to help deal with the Australia's Got Talent overlap.

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Dannii Minogue can either take part in all of the X Factor auditions starting later this month, which would mean she would miss several Australia's Got Talent shows, or she can miss the first auditions and pick up the X Factor once AGT has ended in July.

Another option would see Dannii Minogue flying between the UK and Australia and doing both shows.

We'd love to see Dannii back on X Factor. Make it happen!