Shakira has NOT given birth to a baby boy! Consider us TRICKED!

Shakira's boyfriend Gerard Pique announced today that the couple had welcomed into the world a gorgeous baby boy.

Shakira and Gerard have had a baby boy. Copyright: [Instagram]

We set about celebrating almost immediately and of course, shared the news with you lot.

Gerard Pique took to Twitter to share the news, saying that they are 'very happy'.

Writing in Spanish he said: "Our son has been born! We are very happy! Thanks to all for your messages!"

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However, it has since been confirmed that Gerard's tweets were a hoax.

Y'see, in Spain December 28th is some sort of April Fool's Day - we should have known!

So basically, that WAS NOT the pitter patter of teeny-tiny celebrity feet you could hear stomping around.

Shakira and Gerard are expecting a boy! Copyright: [wenn]

However, it shouldn't be long before we report the real news and Shakira is due to give birth next month.

We know the couple are having a baby boy after they shared their ultrasound, however we still can't wait to hear what name they decide on.

Not that it looks like they have yet.

"Concerning the name, we just haven’t been able to decide," Gerard has said.  "There are ridiculous names, like Ulisito, that came out of the press’ need to report nonsense."

What are you looking at us for?!

And we reckon this is going to one huge superstar in the making - with a Mama like Shakira and a Dad like superstar footie player Gerard Pique.

Shakira has already confessed she has high hopes for her baby son, saying she would like him to be a superhero!

Speaking to a German radio station, the singer said: "When the baby I born I want him to know he's helping to change the world. He can really change the world!"

No pressure there, then.