Selena Gomez shows Justin Bieber what he’s missing… a whole load of leg, clearly

Selena Gomez rocked up to the premiere of her new film Spring Breakers looking seriously hot last night.

Selena rocked up looking every inch the gorge star. Copyright: [rex]

If her ex boyf Justin Bieber wasn't crying into his pillow already, then these pics should definitely have done the trick.

Yeah, soz Biebs but your ex is hot.

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And after drooling over these pics, we realised we definitely have never given Selena's bod enough attention before, and the Disney star is absolutely smokin'!

*runs to gym*

Plus, we adore her gorge turquoise mini dress which is showcasing her endless pins perfectly.

And if Selena would like to let us know where she got her strappy sandals then our summer wardrobe would be very appreciative.

Soz but we're not fans of Vanessa's look. Copyright: [rex]

We wish we could equally gush about her costar Vanessa Hudgens look however Ness made it pretty hard for us when she turned up in a shrunken bridemaid dress.

Try as we might we just can't grow to love her satin pavlova look which we reckon dwarves the gorge star.

However, A for posing effort all round.

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