Selena Gomez celebrates birthday with giant cake… But no Justin Bieber

Today Selena Gomez celebrated her 20th birthday, posting a picture of her huge cake on Twitter.

Happy Birthday Selena! Copyright: [twitter/selenagomez]

Candles must just be for us mere mortals now as Selena's cake featured huge pink roses instead.

However, one thing the picture was missing was her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, but on the bright side: maybe he was taking it?

We wish our twentieth birthday could have looked so glam, even though Oceana in Milton Keynes and four WKDs was a pretty good night out, we'll admit.

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However, there was no peep on Twitter from her supposed boyfriend Justin.

Is there anything more unforgivable than a boyfriend forgetting your birthday? We think not.

Though, we will admit he probably is a bit busy — after winning all those Teen Choice Awards. But too busy to wish your girlfriend a happy birthday?!

Maybe he did it the old fashioned way — in person.

However Selena managed to tweet Justin a birthday message back in March saying: "Happy birthday to my best friend in the whole world!!! Have a great birthday baby!".

We would have thought he could have returned the gesture!

Selena and Justin arrived seperately on the pink carpet. Copyright: [wenn]

The pair also failed to make a joint appearance on the pink carpet at last night's awards, despite the fact they both were not only there but both winners.

However, the pair were snapped leaving together and Justin is thought to have taken Selena out for a meal. We would say romantic, but a load of the couples' mates were invited along too.

So it would seem the pair are still loved up. Just maybe not via Twitter.