Sean Conlon plans 5ive reunion after The Voice rejection

Sean Conlon might have missed out on progressing in The Voice, but he's not let that dampen his dreams as he's getting his old band 5ive back together for a comeback tour.

After Sean Conlon's appearance on The Voice's opening show last Saturday, the public's memory of Nineties boy band 5ive was stirred. None of the judges hit their buttons, but it seems like fans did.

The five-piece are thinking about following in the footsteps of lots of other bands who have jumped on the reunion bandwagon recently, from Steps and A1 to Atomic Kitten and S Club 7.

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Sean Conlon apparently met up with his former bandmates Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, J Brown and Abs Breen this week for the first time in five years to discuss reuniting.

Manager Tim Ferrone has said they have all agreed to look into it, and promoters have given positive feedback.  He added it would be a comeback tour, but there's also "talk of new material".

5ive are talking about a reunion / WENN

Following a bit of a Twitter campaign by new! mag, Sean Conlon tweeted this week that he found all the tweets about 5ive reuniting "very touching" and "very tempting", with the more fans saying it the more tempting it felt.

Abs Breen took to Twitter to ask what this whole #5ivereunion hashtag was about, and Sean Conlon took the opportunity to reconnect with his former bandmate.

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Cue Scott Robinson and Ritchie Neville getting in on the Twitter bromance, with Scott agreeing that it's nice to know the fans still want them back. N'aww.

Sean and Scott reminisced about 5ive on Twitter

Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, J Brown, Abs Breen and Sean Conlon came together to form a manufactured band back in 1997 and were signed by Simon Cowell.

They split in September 2001, having sold 20 million records worldwide and clocked 11 top ten singles plus four top ten albums in the UK.

All but Sean Conlon briefly reformed in 2006 but disbanded after eight months due to lack of interest from record companies.

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Will 2012 be their year to fully reunite? We hope so.

All together now… "Everybody get up singing, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5ive will make you get down!"