The Saturdays give their verdict on Amy Childs’ style

The Saturdays are known for their impeccable style choices - from oversized bags to cute dresses with blazers, we'd pretty much like to raid all of their wardrobes. They were therefore raring to get their fashion heads on and give you their opinions on Amy Childs's ensemble.

The look...

pic: Rex

Rochelle - I don't like that. I wouldn't have put the shoes with it. It's a bit too 'cup-cakey' for me.

Una - But it does suit her. She looks lovely.

Mollie — I don't really like it when net comes out the bottom. I think it's a bit dated, personally.

Frankie — I'm not into polka dots.

Mollie- Ahh, see I love a polka dot but I'm not into the netting. I think it's all a bit of a mis-match. The dress, the dots, the belt...

Frankie — I think she loks alright but the bracelet, the watch…I prefer it simple. She manages to pull it off but it's not that stylish. We wouldn't wear it ourselves.

Vanessa - Certain things that you wear individually look really nice on you but not on other people. I think it's really important to dress for yourself.