Vanessa White is known as the rebellious member of The Saturdays, but this morning she took things a little TOO far.

Vanessa WhiteVanessa White looked sheepish as she left the Radio 1 studios. Copyright [WENN]During The Saturdays' appearance on Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 Breakfast Show, Vanessa White SWORE twice.

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The cringeworthy incident happened when Vanessa White was explaining the nickname fans have given her and her boyfriend.

Vanessa said: "Its 'Team S**te. Because my surname's White, and his name begins with an 'S,' so they've come up with 'Team S**te.'"

Nick Grimshaw then interjected: "Er, you're probably swearing Vanessa."

Rochelle Humes and Mollie KingRochelle Humes and Mollie King (pictured here arriving at Radio 1) were embarrassed by the msitake. Copyright  …Vanessa, realising her mistake, seemed mortified as she said: "Oh sorry! Oh OK, sorry, sorry, sorry, I apologise. Oh now I feel really bad."

Nick joked: "You should. Thanks for getting me sacked."

Yep, we definitely think swearing is probably the worst thing you can do on Radio 1's Breakfast Show.

Una HealyUna Healy managed to bring the conversation back round to The Saturdays' new single. Copyright [Rex]And Vanessa's fellow The Saturdays bandmates seemed just as embarrassed, with Rochelle Humes saying she should just answer the questions.

Mollie King said: "I could see it coming, but I thought, 'No there's no way she's going to do it.'"

Vanessa continued to apologise, saying: "Why did I think that was even acceptable? I didn't even think twice!"

Oh dear.

The blunder happened when Vanessa White was explaining the nickname fans have given her and her boyfriend. Copyright …The girls managed to quickly change the subject, chatting about their new single What About Us.

And Una even managed a very clever plug for their new reality show, saying: "We shot the video in LA when we were filming our show, Chasing The Saturdays which begins this Sunday on E!"

Well recovered, girls.

Vanessa White took to Twitter afterwards to explain her blunder. She said: "Lol It didn't even enter my mind that s**te could possibly be a swear word! #onlyme"