Pregnant Rochelle Humes says she is 'not a Kardashian', would never film her birth

Pregnant Rochelle Humes has said that she would never film the birth of her first child because she 'is not a  Kardashian'.

Rochelle Humes says she won't be giving birth on camera. Copyright: [wenn]

Even though her band are currently filming a reality show in the States, Roch, 23, says there are some things she will most definitely be keeping private.

So sadly, we won't be seeing Roch on the gas and air anytime soon, not that we would blimmin' well want to.

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Some things should be kept sacred and we totally get why Rochelle wouldn't want a camera crew in the birthing suite.

However saying that, it is true that Kourtney Kardashian did famously give birth on Keeping up with the Kardashians on E!.


Kourney Kardashian gave birth on TV, as you do. Copyright: [Splash]

So with this in mind, speaking on This Morning, Mollie King said: "We know how much E! like to see, so we were like, "We really will have to show everything""

"But we are different to the Kardashians because we are obviously a girl-band trying to break America and they are a family doing their own thing, and they are huge so if we could have any kind or a little bit of their success, we'd be very happy."

And after speaking about how the Kourtney gave birth on camera, Rohelle quickly stated: "They are definitely braver than us, but I am not taking one for the team!"

Guess that's that, then!

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