The Saturdays’ reality show will be subtitled for US audiences, spotted at same recording studio as Demi Lovato

Next month will see the premiere of The Saturdays’ highly anticipated fly on the wall documentary ‘Chasing the Saturdays’.

The SaturdaysThe Saturdays are apparently difficult to understand. Copyright [WENN]

However, with the show being broadcast in the US on E! producers are reportedly worried that American audiences could have a tough time understanding the girls’ English accents.

Uh-oh, it’s like Cheryl Cole on the US X Factor all over again.

However, the big wigs at E! have a cunning plan to make sure US audiences know exactly what the Sats are saying.

Their solution? Subtitles.

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A source from the show revealed: “While the show is fun, it will not be likely that all of America will understand what The Saturdays are actually saying.

“They may have good diction and clarity of speech in the UK, but their UK accents simply aren’t understood by some Americans.

“It’s going to be tough to change that because they speak slowly and properly.

“The show is good fun and very dramatic but, in truth, if people cannot understand them, it might bomb.”

Well we wouldn’t want it to fail before it’s even begun.

Could the girls be collaborating with Demi Lovato? We hope so! Copyright [Wenn]

With all this reality TV hype surrounding The Saturdays, it would be easy to forget that they are first and foremost a pop act.

And it looks like the group may have landed their first high profile collaboration.

X Factor USA judge Demi Lovato was spotted arriving at the same LA recording studio as The Saturdays the other day sparking speculation that they may be working on a track together.

With Demi being such a huge star over in the US, this would be a real coup for The Saturdays if the rumours prove true.

Let’s hope this happens.