The Saturdays: One Direction and The Wanted are stinky boys to us

There may be millions of women across the globe pining for the members of One Direction and The Wanted- but The Saturdays member Frankie Sanford is clearly not one of them.

The Sats were interviewed by US mag In Touch magazine. Copyright [In Touch]

The Saturdays singer told In Touch magazine that she and the girls see the UK bands as brothers as oppose to heart throbs.

Frankie told the mag: “They’re like our brothers.

“When girls are screaming at them, we’re like, 'Really?!' They’re just stinky boys to us!”

We’re sure there is many a girl out there who would strongly contest that statement Frankie!

The girls are currently promoting their new fly on the wall documentary ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ on E! which follows the group as they try to crack America.

Throughout their time in the US, the girls have drawn comparisons to The Spice Girls, something that they are more than happy to be likened to.

The girls have been likened to The Spice Girls. Copyright [Splash]

Rochelle explained: “To be honest, it’s nothing but a compliment!

“It’s amazing to be compared to them, but we’re very different.”

She may have claimed that the group were nothing like the nineties pop phenomenon but Rochelle couldn’t help but give her band mates Spice related names during the interview.

She said: “Vanessa would be Party Spice, I’d say Una would be Feisty Spice, Frankie could be Flirty Spice, and Mollie would be Smiley Spice.”

Talking about life in America, Vanessa admitted that her only gripe was that 'there aren't enough pubs', but admitted: “I get away with a lot.”

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