The Saturdays omg! takeover: Frankie Sandford’s BIG sacrifice for Wayne Bridge

One of today's honorary omg! editors, Frankie Sandford is not only a girl madly in love, she's also a girl made for the game — or at least she's getting that way.

Since last year the stunning singer has been dating Manchester City player, Wayne Bridge which not only comes with serious swagger (erm, who wouldn't want to date a hot footballer) but also comes with a catch: you have to start watching/enjoying/understanding football.

Frankie Sandford and Wayne BridgeLovers sacrifice: Frankie has been learning about football for boyfriend Wayne / Splash

This is fine for the ladies who already love the game, but if you're like Frankie and not au fait with all the rules you'll have to swot up, but all the footie chat can get a bit boring as Frankie says:

"It's lovely, but there are plenty of occasions where I'm sitting there like, `Zzzzz', as the boys talk about football. Although I like going to matches and getting in there with the crowds."

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Of course you like going to matches Frankie, there's an entire pitch full of hot and rich men!

Wayne is happy to help his 22-year old girlfriend understand the game but it doesn't sound like remembering all the rule is top of her to-do list.

Frankie Sandford and Wayne BridgePitch appropriate: Frankie loves going to football matches, we love looking at her outfits / Splash

"Wayne tried to teach me the offside rule, and I understood it for about a day, but then I forgot it again."

Lets just hope Frankie returns the favour and asks Wayne to remember The Saturdays' lyrics.

Here's three other things Frankie could explain to Wayne:
1. How to showcase a super-toned tummy like hers using a variety of crop tops
2. Which heels to rock with which type of dress
3. How to apply false eye lashes — there's a real skill to this one!