The Saturdays: We are NOT the new Kardashians!

They may have landed their very own fly on the wall documentary with E! but The Saturdays insist that they are NOT the new Kardashians.

The Saturdays are most certainly NOT the Kardashians. Copyright [Rex]

We’re glad to hear it.

One set of Kardashians we can deal with, but two? No thanks.

Rochelle Humes, 23, has spoken out about the comparison, claiming that the girl’s reality show will be focused on their music.

She said: "We aren't the new Kardashians - we're nothing like them. We love their show, but what do they do? We've performed professionally for years.”

"People used to call us 'the new Girls Aloud', and we have worked with them and they are lovely, but if we are the new anything then 'the new Spice Girls' gets us more excited."

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Revealing what else viewers can expect from the show, Vanessa White, 23, admitted that The Saturdays spend most of their time mocking each other.

That doesn't sound like Girl Power to us.

She said: "We take the mickey out of each other all the time. That's our relationship.

“We give Mollie [King] a terrible time when we see her talking to the mirror saying, 'Hello! My name is Mollie, nice to meet you!'"

Mollie likes to talk to herself in the mirror. No comment. Copyright [Rex]

Mollie, 25, was however quick to defend herself saying: "Well, there's no point standing still in front of a mirror, because you don't know what you look like in motion.

“So I walk and talk a bit!”

Oddly, this does make sense. We think you might be on to something there, Mol.

She continued: “It really is like being sisters; we can't fool each other. We're aware of the tiniest changes."


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