The Saturdays’ Mollie King: We are SO excited to be back in the UK- EXCLUSIVE

After abandoning the UK for what seems like forever while attempting to crack America, The Saturdays are finally back on home turf.

Mollie told us she and The Sats could be more excited to be back in the UK. Copyright [Rex]


Talking exclusively to omg! about the band’s brand spanking new single ‘What About Us,’ Mollie King admitted that she and the girls are excited to have finally released the track in the UK.

She told us: “We are so excited, I mean it’s a track that we’ve had now for months and even releasing the video we were so excited.

“I can’t wait for everyone to hear it and to get to perform it. I’m just so excited about this one, I think it’s going down really well.”

Well she isn’t wrong there, ‘What About Us’ is currently sitting pretty at the top of the iTunes chart since its official release yesterday.

The Saturdays are currently number one on the iTunes chart.

Mollie also told us that although the track was initially released in the US, the girls didn’t want to change their sound simply to suit the American market.

She explained: “We’ve always made a point that we don’t want to change to go to America. We wanted to go over as we are and if they like us, they like us and if they don’t, they don’t!

“It’s definitely got a different vibe just in the way that we have Sean Paul on it.

“It’s sort of more reggae pop. It’s still The Saturdays, it’s still really dancey and upbeat. It’s such a good song to dance to whether it’s on stage or in a club.”

The Saturday's perfroming on Daybreak today. Copyright [Rex]

And as for album number four, Mollie revealed that the band is hoping to be unveiling the LP in the UK in a few months time.

She said: “It will be coming out later this year. We’re going to have a few more singles from it then it will be coming out in the next couple of months.”

After spending most of the past year over in the US filming and promoting E! reality series ‘Chasing the Saturdays,’ it would be only be natural for the girls to miss certain home comforts.

And for Mollie, there was certainly a prominent theme regarding the things she missed most.

Mollie misses UK food when she's in the US. Copyright [Rex]

She revealed: “I really miss simple things like our chocolate. They have all that weird Hersheys, which does NOT taste the same, I’m sorry I don’t care what anyone says!

“They don’t have a good cup of tea. If you want a PG Tips and or Tetley they don’t understand any of that.

“And no baked beans- NO BAKED BEANS! How can you not have breakfast without baked beans?

“So I miss the food really! Forget friends and family it’s all about the food!”

The Saturday’s new single ‘What About Us’ is available to download now.

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