The Saturdays guest edit: Una Healy and Rochelle Wiseman chat Jedward, Kerry Katona and Amy Childs

The first thing The Saturdays wanted to gossip about was Big Brother. We got straight down to business and asked them what on EARTH was going on with Amy, Lucien and Kerry.

Rochelle said, "I feel really sorry for Kerry. She's trying to play that she doesn't like him but you can tell he does.  I think Lucien sees her as a mother figure. That shows you should always say how you feel. You should always let it be known because if you don't — he might go to someone else. If she'd told him how she felt, Amy wouldn't have even gone there."

Una, however, thinks that the whole situation will blow over once they leave the house: "They're in this house and they've got no one else to fancy. When you're in there your feelings change completely." Good point, Una — how many Big Brother relationships have lasted? Hmmm, struggling to think of any.

But what about Jedward? Una seems to be a massive fan, saying "They are so funny. They've got this natural wit — you couldn't even script it. I used to think they were really annoying but until now I think they have a talent for being funny."

As for Amy — the girls are disappointed by her lack of ditzy comments. Rochelle revealed, "I was kind of expecting more from Amy. On TOWIE they've edited her to be ditzy all the time but she's not really like that. She sleeps quite a bit!"

The girls all united on their ideal final three, though: Kerry, Paddy and Jedward. let's see if they're right on Thursday night's final!