The Saturdays gorge on cake, still manage to look AMAZING on LA trip

We have a serious question. How is it fair that The Saturdays can gorge on a load of red velvet birthday cake AND still manage to look absolutely blimmin' perfect?

The SaturdaysThe Saturdays tucked into a huge cake last night. Copyright [Frankie Sandford]

The Saturdays are currently sunning themselves in LA (not jel at all) as they promote their new reality TV show. And last night it was their cameraman's birthday.

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So, the thoughtful girls bought him a gigantic cake before proceeding to tuck into it themselves.

The Saturdays' Frankie Sandford tweeted a photo of the girls and the birthday boy enjoying the cake alongside the caption: "Camera man Ryan's birthday! We only got him cake so we could eat it....#standard"

Frankie SandfordFrankie Sandford looked amazing yesterday. Copyright [Splash]Una Healy even scraped off a huge blob of icing for the picture.

However, despite their love of cake, The Saturdays have been looking utterly flawless throughout their LA trip.

Mollie KingMollie King was rocking a cute dress. Copyright [Splash]Just yesterday they were snapped filming scenes for their reality show looking as though they'd just stepped off the catwalk.

Frankie Sandford looked amazing in skinny black jeans and a neon yellow shirt.

Una HealyUna Healy looked gorgeous too, in leather leggings. Copyright [Splash]

Mollie King rocked her usual preppy style to perfection, donning a cute pinafore and chunky black platform shoe boots.

Rochelle HumesRochelle Humes covered her baby bump in a leather top. Copyright [Splash]

Rochelle Humes covered up her baby bump in a painfully fashionable red leather top, and Una Healy followed suit in leather leggings. Vanessa White went for skinny jeans, long boots and a vintage blouse.

Vanessa WhiteVanessa White was also super-stylish yesterday. Copyright [Splash]We've said it before, and we'll say it again. We.Want.Their.Wardobes.


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