The Saturdays: Frankie Sandford says she likes VAMPIRES!

Pic: Splash

We thought Frankie Sandford's taste was fairly normal- she is dating football hunk Wayne Bridge, after all - but today she discussed celeb crushes and revealed that she's actually

She told us that she thought Robert Pattinson was far more attractive as his Twilight counterpart, Edward Cullen, saying: "Yeah I like him, but I prefer him as a vampire. I don't know why!"

So is Robert Pattinson the only vampire that she drools over? Turns out, he isn't! She also has a thing for Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley. She said: "I think I've got a thing for vampires. There's a guy in vampire diaries, Stefan. I think he's really hot — but only as a vampire! I think it's a bit unhealthy."

Whatever makes you happy, Frankie. But we'd stick to Wayne.