The Saturdays FINALLY leave LA, Aoife Belle looks happy to be coming home

The Saturdays have been in LA for what feels like forever. In fact, they've been Stateside now for four whole months.

Aoife BelleAoife Belle looked very happy to be coming home. Copyright [Mollie King]However, the time has come for The Saturdays to leave LA - and little Aoife Belle in particular seems very happy to be heading back to Blighty.

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Mollie King tweeted an adorable photo of Aoife Belle on the plane, showing the cutie leaning over to smile at her aunty Mols.

The SaturdaysThe Saturdays were all smiles as they headed home. Copyright [Splash]Mollie tweeted the photo alongside the caption: "Look at my onboard neighbour! I have a feeling I might be watching some cartoons en route home!"

We literally can't handle the cuteness.

However, Mollie did run into some trouble before they boarded the flight - The Saturdays star's suitcase was over the weight limit, and she had to unpack her clothes and shoes into another bag.


Mollie KingMollie King had to unpack her oversized luggage. Oops. Copyright [Splash]But it seems that the girls are glad to be home, with Mollie tweeting: "Oh my gosh it feels soooo good to be back on home turf!!!! Man have I missed you!"

Rochelle Wiseman...sorry, Humes...followed suit saying: "Woops just drove on the wrong side of the road! Welcome home Roch x"

And Vanessa White was also glad to be back. She tweeted: "Back in london and I love it already!! Soo happy! X"

It's good to have you back, girls!