The Saturdays cure their homesickness with Skype sessions… to their dogs!

The Saturdays have confessed that they get homesick when they are away taking over the world, however have come up with an easy cure.

The Sats in LA. Copyright: [rex]


But just who are they chatting away to? Well, their, er, dogs.

And to think we are lucky if we can convince our boyfriends to log on every now and then!

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Forget boyfriends and husbands, it's their pets that the girls miss most when they are away!

Mollie, 25, says: ''I did miss home, especially my dog Alfie. My mum looked after him and we Skyped all the time."

The SaturdaysThe Saturdays looked amazing in prints. Copyright [WENN]

"I'd call his name, 'Alfie! Alfie!' and it broke my heart because he'd hear my voice and would jump off Mum's lap and run to the front door."


''Mum would have to say to him, 'No Alfie, she's not here', '' Mollie added.

Meanwhile, band mate Frankie, 24, says she missed her pup so much while she was on the other side of the world that she got her Mum to text her updates.

She added to We Love Pop magazine: ''My mum sent me loads of pictures of the dogs every day, with cringey messages like 'Hi mummy, we miss you!'''

And on the subject of all things cringey, that's given us PAWS for thought... *guffaw*

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