Sarah Harding takes Tulisa’s recommendation, parties #DownCamden

Sarah Harding did a bit of a Tulisa last night, after she was snapped out and about in where else but DOWN CAMDEN!

Sarah was spotted down Camden last night. Copyright: [wenn]

The borough of Camden is pretty much Tulisa's territory, don't you know? If it had a mayor of sorts, Tulisa would be it.

We wonder if Sarah thought to stop by Tulisa's ends for a cup of tea? Or something more urban... can of Strongbow, perhaps?

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Sarah was out at the super cool Camden restaurant and club, Gilgamesh and looked absolutely gorge in a trusty LBD.

We are also absolutely loving the new longer locks, and reckon Sarah is looking the best she has looked in ages.

Sarah looked great down Camden. Copyright: [wenn]

Tulisa, of course, loves it down Camden and doesn't hasten to let us know every five minutes after bleating on about her roots at every opportunity.

Following one of James Arthur's performances Tulisa even squealed that she reckoned she would easily go and see James 'down Camden'

Yep, she really did of course get all caught up in her urban roots for a moment and actually managed to get #downcamden trending on Twitter.

We reckon Gilgamesh should give her a freebie for all that extra publicity.

Cringey-cringe we all did think as our toes curled.

Except for Sarah Harding who promptly switched off the telly and booked up Gilgamesh immediately.