Sarah Harding and Denise Van Outen rock lace at the Run For Your Wife premiere… FASH-OFF!

Sarah Harding and Denise Van Outen are in a film together (hooray for them, etc) which means they both turned up to its premiere together last night.

Sarah and Denise at the premiere last night. Copyright: [rex]

They were wearing rather similar dresses which means just one thing to us... FASH-OFF!

Well, it's only polite, isn't it?

Both ladies were out rocking floor length lace gowns and we have to say, for once it's a tough one to call as we reckon both were looking great.

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Denise opted for a black gown while Sarah appeared in a shimmering silver gown however, both were similar in design with sheer paneling detail.

Sarah opted for a bouncy blow dry while Denise rocked a chic up do however, we reckon they almost could be sisters with their matching blonde barnets.

However, it was a quick change for Denise who turned up to the red carpet in a very different look:

Denise arrived in a onesie! Copyright: [Twitter]

Yep, we think this fash-off would have been a far simpler affair had she kept that little number on!

Oh and the film? Well, it's called Run For Your Wife and Sarah and Denise both play two wives to the same man (sounds interesting).

Things were very chummy on the red carpet. Copyright: [rex]

They both looked absolutely thrilled to be involved and spent an age posing together on the red carpet looking like long lost BFFs.

But when it comes to the fashion, whose fishtail frock do you rate the most?

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