Samia Ghadie does her best ‘I’m single and just having fun’ grin

Judging by her massive grin today, Samia Ghadie isn't letting all those Sylvian Longchambon rumours get to her.

Samia and her best 'Snogging WHO?!' grin. Copyright: [Splash]

Well, either that or they are definitely snogging and that is, in fact, the glow of a woman in love.


Word is that Samia is getting frisky with her Dancing on Ice partner Sylvian, no problems there you may think.

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Until we mention that Sylvian was happily coupled up with Jennifer Metcalfe for two years before confessing he had feelings for Samia over Christmas.

Basically, he dumped Jennifer Metcalfe for Samia... or that is the rumour, any way.

Nonetheless, the pair have tried their best to ignore the rumours and Samia insists she is single and 'having fun'.

Samia is rumoured to be snogging her partner Sylvian! Copyright: [Splash]

Even after Jennifer Metcalfe spilled the beans in full to The Sun, saying that Sylvian phoned her on Christmas Day to say he had feelings for Samia.

Saying that, we still reckon Samia was doing her best 'I'm just having fun' face when out shopping earlier on today.

Sylvian and Samia skated for the first time on Saturday and the judges even commented on the rumours.

Jason Gardiner said he wanted to see more chemistry, however from what Jennifer Metcalfe has said about the whole affair, there shouldn't be many problems there.

Speaking to The Sun, Jen said:  "In the early hours of Christmas morning he told me on the phone that Samia and himself had had a conversation about their feelings for each other."

“He didn’t go into detail. He said he fancied Samia but in the next breath he said he loved and adored me — so try and get your head around that one."

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