All Saints’ Melanie Blatt and Daniel Bedingfield sign up to judge New Zealand X Factor, how random

Since appearing on UK screens nine years ago The X Factor has gone on to be sold across the globe.

Mel and Dan have signed up to the New Zealand edition of the X Factor. Copyright [Wenn]

And the one thing that comes hand in hand with The X Factor is big name judges.

Across the world stars as big as Britney Spears and Nicole Scherzinger have signed up to judge the series, lending their expert opinions on thousands of hopefuls.

So we couldn’t help but find it strange when we heard who had been announced who to judge first series of the New Zealand edition of the show.

Melanie Blatt of All Saints fame and high pitched warbler Daniel Bedingfield will be taking their places behind the judging desk when the show kicks off later this year.

Don’t get us wrong, Mel and Dan have a special place in our hearts thanks to songs such as ‘Pure Shores’ and ‘Gotta get Thru this’- but they’re not exactly what we’d call worldwide superstars.

The X Factor co-executive producer Andrew Szusterman however seems to think otherwise saying: "Between them Mel and Daniel have sold over 14 million albums worldwide.

"For New Zealand to have mentors of this calibre means we are on track to deliver a vibrant and fresh recording artist for the music industry."

Well that told us.

Mel can't wait to move to New Zealand. Copyright [Wenn]

Talking about joining the panel, Melanie expressed her excitement to start the search for New Zealand’s next big thing.

She said: "I can't wait to see what kind of artists and voices we are going to find in New Zealand. I'm sure there is a wealth of untapped talent waiting to be found and nurtured.

"I also cannot wait to discover New Zealand properly. My daughter is a huge Lord of the Rings fan. We are beyond excited about living there for a bit."

Ah, now we see. Mel just wanted a tour of Middle Earth.


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