Rylan Clark tells Made in Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews to ‘run back to his parent’s bank account’. Oof!

There is all sort of Twitter beef going down between Celebrity Big Brother star Rylan Clark and Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews.

Spence and Rylan aren't exactly er, mates then? Copyright: [rex]

Yep, they do not sound happy with each other and what better way to let this be known to the world than in front of millions of Twitter users.

Spencer kicked things off when he posted: "That Rylan guy winning anything epitomises British demise..... @spencerpratt all the way x"

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Now seeing as Spencer Matthews is basically Britain's answer to Spencer Pratt we were hardly surprised by the comment - peas in pods, and all that.

However, after Rylan saw it he immediately retweeted it to his followers who presumably pelted Spence with all sorts of virtual abuse.

Rylan won Celeb BB. Copyright: [rex]

We reckon a calculated retweet it's the celeb equivalent of rallying your troops.

Rylan then replied to Spencer personally, saying: "how about you drop yourself out and run back to your parents bank account, or better still find a fake girlfriend..."

Er, told?

However, while we are defo Team Rylan in this instance, we have to point out one minor niggle.

Well, his Twitter handle is not included in the tweet meaning Rylan would surely have had to search for his own name in order to find it and that is just asking for all sorts of trouble.

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