Rylan Clark pretty much tells us he will be on the TOWIE live episode, SHUUUT UP!

Rylan Clark has pretty much confessed that he will feature in next week's very special LIVE episode of TOWIE.

Best TOWIE news EVER?! Copyright: [rex]

Speaking exclusively to omg! this morning fresh from last night's X Factor, Rylan said lots of 'maybes' and 'who knows'.

But we will tell you what we know, he has definitely been asked and we are pretty certain he will say yes.

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When we asked whether Rylan would consider joining the TOWIE cast, he said:"Yes! There is a love episode and I may be part of it, it could definitely happen"

*raises eyebrow*

"I am up for anything and I've got a lot of friends there so a week today, who knows?"

Pretty specific on the old dates there, Rylan.

Rylan on The X Factor. Copyright: [rex]

And then when we probed further Rylan refused to tell us for certain but did lots of eyebrow wiggling and nodding.

So we think it's safe to say the Sugar Hut Honeys had better watch out - Rylan Clark is about to steal the show.

Plus, as it's a live episode surely that means anyone could turn up?

In fact, we might just plan a trip to Sugar Hut for that night.