Rylan Clark for Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas cook along: What we expect to see

It was reported today that X Factor contestant Rylan Clark will be appearing on Gordon Ramsay's annual Christmas day cook along.

Will Rylan handle the heat in Gordon's kitchen this Xmas day? Copyright [Rex]

Words fail us on just how incredible this is going to be.

According to the The Sun, a show insider has revealed that Rylan has been in talks to appear on the program alongside a handful of other celebs.

The source said: "The production team have been speaking to Rylan and a number of other celebs about appearing live on the show on Christmas Day.

"Rylan is a big fan of Gordon's and was thrilled at the approach. If he can do it he will."

So, if this does happen (which we REALLY hope it does), what can we expect from Rylan?

Will it be peace in the kitchen between Rylan and Gordon? Copyright: [rex]

Innuendo's a plenty

Now if there is one thing Rylan took away from his time on the X Factor it would probably be mentor Nicole Scherzinger's love on innuendos. Gordon can probably expect to hear quite a few from Rylan, especially when it comes to stuffing the turkey.

A Christmas song or two

Now Rylan came to our attention via talent show The X Factor so we wouldn't expect anything less than a Christmas carol or two from the Essex singer. Of course Rylan does like to put his own spin on things so we reckon he'll crack out some festive classics such as 'Away in a Manger' or 'White Christmas' with a decidedly Ibiza style sound to them.


Straight talking, down the line Gordon better get himself ready to be faced with a barrage of Essex style abbreviations if he is going to be joined by Rylan in the kitchen. We can already see it now: "You know what Gord, I think we've just made the ult Christmas din ever."

He won't take any abuse from Gordon Ramsay

During his time on the X Factor, Rylan constantly stood up to Gary Barlow's weekly dressing downs. Gordon is known for his fiery temper in the kitchen but even he might think twice about taking Rylan on.

On heck of Christmas jumper

Known for his outrageous fashion sense, we reckon Rylan will be dressed to impress when on the show. Rather than your bog standard Christmas jumper, we can see Rylan fashioning one complete with flashing lights and tinsel. Merry Christmas!