Rylan Clark gets TOTALLY naked, we say DROP. ME. OUT!

Celebrity Big Brother champ, Rylan Clark has only gone and got totally and utterly naked for this month's Cosmopolitan:

Drop. Me. Out! Copyright: [Cosmopolitan]

*eyes pop out head*

What's that? We've come over all inappropriate.... we almost, kind of, dare we say it... fancy Rylan Clark...

Even if we are now pretty certain he waxes his chest but then again, who doesn't love a well groomed young man?

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And Rylan made sure he was well prepared for his shoot, making sure everything was nice and er, trim.

Rylan said: “I did a good bit of prep for the shoot, making sure everything was trim and proper. I even had a little shave of the nipples!"

And there goes our cornflakes...

Rylan looked pretty impressed with the end result! Copyright: [Twitter]

Rylan's nakedness is all in honour of raising awareness of testicular cancer for the charity Everyman.

And the X Factor star confesses that when he was younger he had his own cancer scare, after finding a lump 'down there'.

"I found one when I was younger. I was really scared, but I went to the doctor and it was all fine. It might not have been if I hadn’t spotted it early, though.”

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