Ryan Gosling planning on proposing to Eva Mendes after she tells him she wants to be engaged by her 40th birthday? Sorry ladies

Ryan Gosling is reportedly planning on proposing to Eva Mendes.

Is Ryan Gosling on the verge of proposing to Eva Mendes? Copyright [Rex]Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, ladies.

According to Star magazine, Eva, 39, has told Ryan, 32, that she wants to be engaged by the time she’s 40 and it seems that the actor has taken her request on board.

A source told the magazine: "Eva told Ryan she wants to be engaged by the time she's 40, but he was already planning a proposal. He's been in secret talks with ring designer Neil Lane."

Ryan may be busy with filming his directional debut ‘How to Catch a Monster’ at the moment but is apparently planning on taking a trip with his girlfriend once it wraps.

Unbeknownst to Eva, Ryan will then apparently get down on one knee and pop the question.

Ryan Gosling has planned a mini break for the couple where he plans to propose. Copyright [Wenn]The source continued: "He's planning a romantic getaway once their movie 'How To Catch A Monster' wraps. He tricked her into believing the trip is to celebrate the movie. Eva is completely clueless."

Well, thanks to this sneaky source possibly not any more.

Eva, who is starring in the movie, has also been enjoying the benefits of being in a relationship with Ryan while on set with the two reportedly unable to keep their hands off each other.

The insider revealed: "They aren't exactly discreet. Ryan will be totally focused, then she'll throw him off by giving him a saucy look.

"The next thing you know, they've kicked everyone out of the room so they can 'talk'."

If the two are like this now, imagine what they’ll be like when they’re engaged…

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