Russell Brand wants to be cut from Katy Perry movie, big row alert?

We've been hoping that things wouldn't get messy between Russell Brand and Katy Perry after they announced their separation over Christmas.

Russell Brand, Katy PerryIt's rumoured that Russell Brand wanted to be cut from Katy Perry's movie. Copyright [WENN]However, it seems things could be heading that way, with the news that Russell Brand wanted to be cut from Katy Perry's movie.

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Katy Perry's fly on the wall documentary, Part of Me, features her relationship and split from Russell Brand, and she had intended to keep all of it in the film.

However, apparently Russell wasn't best pleased with that decision, and had a word with producers to ask to be cut from the film.

Katy's producers, however, didn't think that the film would 'flow' properly if Russell was edited out, so they decided to keep him in.

Katy Perry, movie, Russell BrandKaty Perry has filmed a fly on the wall documentary that features Russell Brand. Copyright [WENN]A source said: "When she first decided to make the movie in 2010, Russell agreed to be filmed on the condition he got to see the final edit.

"Being a fly-on-the-wall documentary, he knew full well that it was going to be warts and all — and wasn't best comfortable with that. But Katy persuaded him to do it.

"Now they have broken up, she can keep whatever she wants in the film."

Just last week, Katy Perry revealed her reasons behind including her marriage in the movie.

She said: "I think it's important to start breaking down the idea that to achieve your dreams, you always have to be perfect or flawless or live in some kind of fantasy world.

"So that's why I decided to put everything into the film. In the most tasteful way."