Russell Brand gets first Katy Perry dig in as divorce comes through

Katy Perry and Russell Brand had both stayed pretty dignified while their divorce went through — but amidst reports the celebrity pair have been granted the legal end to their marriage the comedian has thrown the first verbal punch.

katy perry russell brandRussell Brand has hit out at his ex, Katy Perry. Copyright [WENN]
According to reports, Katy Perry and Russell Brand reached as settlement in February and had to endure a six-month waiting period which expired yesterday. And E! News reports it's now all over.

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And while the former husband and wife have stayed tight lipped on the breakdown of their marriage, Russell has now hit out at his ex.

While filming his new American TV show, Brand X he said: "I've had enough ar*e-ache from people called Katy in the last year."

katy perry russell brandKaty has said Russell's absence from her California Dreams tour caused their split. Copyright [WENN]

He was referring to an audience member also called Katy who he was speaking to before he launched the insult to his ex.

According to The Sun the audience gasped and all the Brit did was grin cheekily.

A source told the paper: "It was a blatant reference to Katy Perry.

"The look on his face as he laughed after saying the comment said it all."

katy perryKaty has waited six months for her divorce to go through. Copyright [WENN]

The singer on the other hand had remained removed from any ex bashing, aside from the part Russell played in her movie — where he failed to see her regularly on her California Dreams tour.

katy perry robert ackroydKaty has moved on with Robert Ackroyd. Copyright [WENN]

When speaking about whether this was the reason for the split, she said: "Yes, if I could edit it any other way I would but that is exactly what it was."

We call that a one all — over to you now Russ.