Russell Brand and Geri Halliwell: Mel C confirms the pair have ‘good chemistry’

Spice Girl Mel C has confirmed that Geri Halliwell and Russell Brand share 'good chemistry' despite reports that the pair are on the rocks.

Mel reckons Russ and Geri stand a chance. Copyright: [rex/wenn]

Sporty Spice has confessed that she thinks the pair make a great match, and in act Geri has known Russell for years anyway.

"We've known Russell for a few years, he's a really lovely guy and him and Geri do share a lot of interests."

Yes, we do know they both love a bit of body bending yoga and all that spirituality lark.

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"I'm sure they would make a good couple. I think it's important to have a relationship with shared interests and they definitely have that."

At this point we are unsure if Mel has heard about the whole Alan Bennet incident… but the less said about that the better…

However, Russell definitely has Melanie's Spice seal of approval and she thinks he is just 'lovely'.

"He's lovely, he's always been very sweet to us and I can see them being good friends."

Huh? Good friends? Not that old line — we are going with they are deeply in love and will get married and have lots of babies.

Katy and Rob went for dinner. Copyright: [wenn]

Meanwhile, It seems that Russell's ex is not bothered about his new fling and has been off carving out romantic prospects of her own.

Reportedly, Katy was spotted out on date with non other than Robert Pattinson last week and onlookers say she was very flirty.

However, the pair have been mates since 2008, so maybe it was just a friendly dinner?

But who knows, maybe they could be more than just good friends in the future? That would be one hot celeb couple!