Russell Brand: Geri Halliwell isn’t a hairy jaffa cake bear

Russell Brand leaped to Geri Halliwell's defence last night after a heckler demanded to know: 'is she ginger all over'?

Geri isn't a hairy jaffa cake.. nice to know. Copyright: [rex]

Russell was performing stand up in London when a cheeky audience member decided to ponder the query as to how ginger Ginger Spice really is.

Russell quipped: 'Don't be so dirty!' before adding that she isn't some ginger yeti!

He combated the heckler brilliantly by retorting: "She's not like some hairy Jaffa Cake bear. She's still a person, she's an actual person."

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Lovely to know Russ, and excellent dancing around the real question: do the carpets match the curtains?

Oof, we went there.

We're just as bad as that heckler…

Russell was also heard saying: "Give me a year and I'll turn it into good material for you!" hinting that he will joke at Geri's expense in the future.

It would seem it's over for Russ and Geri. Copyright:[rex]

Bit mean, surely?

It would also seem that things are very much over between the pair after Russ has been spotted with a 'new girl', a drama student called Aimee Levoir.

They don't call him a lothario for nothing, Russell has more girlfriends than we have cups of tea and that is a lot, trust us.

This comes after Geri admitted the fling earlier this week saying it was a 'whirlwind' romance.

A very quick whirlwind, clearly.