Russell Brand fancies Geri Halliwell, Isabella Brewtser be warned!

Russell Brand has admitted that he well fancies Geri Halliwell after performing with her at the Olympic Closing Ceremony.

Russell feels like it's 1997 again. Copyright: [rex]

It wasn't just us dusting off our platform trainers and feeling like it was 1996 all over again: Russell Brand was also enjoying a trip down Wannabe lane.

While he was busy being Willy Wonka in the show, he was also busy ogling Geri who was performing with The Spice Girls.

Russell Brand admits he was deep in Spice nostalgia following their amazing performance.

Mainly, it rekindled his previous appreciation of one Spice in particular. Everyone had a favourite and Mr Brand had a penchant for Ginger!

Russell told The Metro:

"I've got Spice-mania again now. I'm obsessed with them. It's like 1996 all over again."

Ginger Spice in 1996! Copyright: [rex]

He added: "I've got a crush on Geri Halliwell. Everything in the world is how it should be."

Russell said how he had met the girls before and admits they were as lovely as ever — in particular Victoria and of course his beloved Ms Halliwell.

"I know the Spice Girls anyway but the girls were absolutely lovely - I love Geri, and Victoria was really nice too. She's actually a lot of fun.

We wonder what Geri makes of the news? Perhaps we could set them up on a date! Just call us Cilla.

Come to think about it — it would be a pretty hot match we reckon!

Even though we doubt either of them would get a word in edgeways.