Russell Brand dating Jemima Khan, woos her with cheap take-away and cycle around Hackney

Can we have your attention please? This is a random couple alert!
Russell Brand and Jemima Khan are reportedly dating. Copyright: [Rex]
Yep, we definitely didn’t see this one coming! And if you did then you must be some sort of celebby snogging psychic and we need you to come work for us immediately.

Russell Brand has been spotted taking Jemima Khan on a romantic date to a cheap Vietnamese restaurant in Hackney.

Yes, you heard it here first.

A source told The Sun on Sunday: "He wanted to connect with Jemima without the showbiz trappings she's used to.”


"There's a strong connection between them and they're attracted to each other, especially on an intellectual level.”

Jemima Khan and Russell Brand apparantly went on a romantic bike ride. Copyright: [Rex]

"Russell loves East London because it's gritty and low-key - very different to Jemima's usual haunts around Chelsea."

So Russ, 38 apparently decided to take his intellectual equal Jem, 39 on a low-key cheap date cycling.

"He suggested they go on a lengthy bike ride around the area. They even crossed Tower Bridge at one point, laughing and having a great time,” the insider added.

"Then he took her to the Song Que Vietnamese restaurant on Kingsland Road in Hackney. There's nothing flash about it. Most main meals only cost six quid but the food is great and Russell loves the area."

So there you have it! We suppose all that’s left to do now is see how this one works out.

For now we will just say that it really would seem that no woman is safe from the charms of Russ and his sneaky ball-bags.

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