EXCLUSIVE: ‘Russell Brand is amazing with kids’ says his former co-star Tamsin Egerton

Russell Brand and Katy Perry's marriage is rumoured to have ended because she wasn't ready to settle down and have a family while the comedian wanted children.


And it appears he would have made a great father as his St Trinian's co-star, Tamsin Egerton told omg!

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"Russell was amazing with all the kids — everyone from 8 to 15!

"While we were waiting around between takes, he would just carry on spouting all these amazing jokes, being very witty and just improvising on the spot, he had everyone in hysterics."

We doubt he has much to laugh about now in the midst of a celebrity breakup but hopefully he can seek solace in some quiet contemplation which Tamsin says he does regularly.

"I've worked with him twice and he was very very loud then he can be quiet.

"He's very holistic he would go off and do yoga at lunch time."

That's somewhat surprising! As his apparent ability to turn off the charm while at work…

Mr Brand may have previously had a reputation of being a womaniser, but stays strictly professional when required:

"He didn't flirt with me! He is very polite and respectful to all us ladies but I'm sure he is a very good flirt," Tamsin added.

Tamsin Egerton

While he's in a high profile break-up Russell Brand is hunted by the paps and he has Tamsin's sympathies.

"I would hate to be papped, I feel really sorry for those people. It must be hard and upsetting.

"It's different for people who go on TV shows, but some actors are exceptionally private."

This news makes us feel sad, we hope Russell will get the chance to be a dad soon!

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