Ronan Keating: I cheated because I was fed up with being perfect

Ronan Keating has spoken out about why he cheated on his wife Yvonne in 2009.

Ronan had become tired of being 'the perfect husband'. [Copyright Wenn]

Speaking on Piers Morgan: Life Stories, Ronan admitted that he had become tired of trying to be 'the perfect husband'.

*confused face*

He told Piers: "I had spent so long trying to be the perfect husband, I woke up and decided I didn't want it."

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Ronan did however admit that he realises that his actions were wrong.

Too right.

He admitted: "I was wrong. I made a choice and, because of that choice, there were devastating effects in people's lives."

Ronan Keating cheated on wife Yvonne of 11 years with Australian dancer Francine Cornell.

Ronan and his wife Yvonne before the affair. [Copyright Wenn]

The singer also held life on the road with band Boyzone accountable for his actions.

He explained: "We were on tour, and when you're in that circle it's a bubble. It's not real."

The singer was however adamant that the death of close friend and bandmate Stephen Gately was not a trigger for his actions.

He said: "I can't use that as an excuse."

Although Yvonne stuck by Ronan Keating following the affair, the two officially split in April with the pair admitting that all trust had gone from the relationship.