Rochelle and Marvin’s wedding: Rochelle HUMES shows off her huge rock!

Rochelle Humes, (that will take some getting used to!) has been snapped wearing her wedding ring for the first time!

That must weigh a ton! Copyright: [BIG]

FINALLY! We can see the ring!


Yes, this is the first glimpse of Rochelle Wiseman *ahem* Humes' wedding band.

And it is gorgeous, really it is.

Of course it is an absolutely ma-HOO-sive diamond which we imagine must weigh a ton.

It must be like a little mini workout every time she lifts her hand.

And it's in the shape of a heart which we think is so romantic and also looks really beautiful.

When Harry Styles' proposes, we hope he has picked one just like that.

Can anyone read the messages on the board behind the pair? Copyright: [BIG]

While yesterday was kept pretty much top secret by everyone, today Rochelle and Marvin have taken to Twitter to say how thrilled they were with their perfect day.

Rochelle tweeted: 'Yesterday was literally the best day of my whole life. I'm so happy to have shared it with every1 I love my friends and family are priceless... Me and Marvin feel so blessed I felt like a princess all day :-)".

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She later added: "You can now call me Mrs Humes no longer a Wiseman :-)."

Ok then, Mrs Humes!

While Marv took to the official JLS Twitter page to send the fans a very special message:

'It's official! Rochelle & I got married yesterday..Thank you to everyone for your amazing messages of love & day of my life Mx.'

Congratulations to them both!