Rochelle and Marvin’s wedding: JLS, The Saturdays and baby Aoife impersonator the morning after!

Despite going to her best mate's wedding last night, Frankie Sandford is fresh and on hand for babysitting duties!

Baby Aoife has one very glam Auntie! Copyright: [BIG]

We wish we could have an babysitter like Frankie!

We bet she would buy the best presents and just imagine telling everyone at school.

However, the baby is not Una Healy's daughter, Aoife, as we first thought!

This is Rochelle's maid of honour's son who Frankie held as guests left the hotel following The Saturday's Rochelle's wedding to JLS' Marvin Humes yesterday.

While we are on the subject, can we all stand please and say hello to MR AND MRS HUMES:

The first snap of Mr and Mrs Humes! Copyright: [BIG]

This is one of the first snaps of the couple since they got hitched.

So yes, these are pictures of the morning after the night before.

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Well, these glam lot could have fooled us.

All the guests leaving The Feather hotel in Woodstock, Oxfordshire looked far too healthy for our liking.

Unlike like us when we are hungover, and all we want is a bacon sarnie and a bucket.

However, they are all suspiciously wearing sunglasses which we suspect could be hiding a multitude of sins…

Mummy Sat in action! Copyright: [BIG]

With her sunglasses firmly on, Mummy Sat Una looked every inch the most beautiful Ma around.

However, as much as we will have a coo at this baby - all we know is that baby Aoife will 100 per cent grow up to be the biggest babe around.

Have you seen her Ma and Pa?

Una and Ben are one fit couple. Copyright: [BIG]

The genes that baby has is just ridiculous.

While on the subject, we might as well say it say: Aoife, we well fancy your Dad.

Ben Foden was looking as buff as ever yesterday as he left the hotel the ultimate DILF.

Apart from maybe Brad Pitt.

Harry Styles was also looking chirpy this morning, which surprised us after seeing photos of him from last night looking a little wobbly.

Bacon sarnie, Harry? Copyright: [BIG]

Maybe celebs don't get hangovers like the rest of us? It's probably all that Cristal.

Also spotted were Marvin's bandmates, Aston and JB who seemed super happy and grinned as they posed for photos with fans.

Mmmm Aston in a vest..! Copyright: [BIG]