Are Rochelle and Marvin Humes having a baby GIRL? We think they just gave it away!

*ahem* We are pleased to announce that we have reason to believe that the baby in Rochelle Humes' tum is a..... GIRL!


Yep, the rumour is that baby Marvelle is a gorge baby girl! And just look at our evidence...

The couple pretty much gave it away themselves yesterday when they were snapped looking at JUST clothes for baby GIRLS while shopping at Mamas and Papas.

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Now, we aren't exactly claiming to be Columbo here but surely this means they are expecting a girl? Unless they were shopping for baby Aoife, that is.

And these clothes looked far too small for even her, and much more suited to a NEWBORN.

Cue HUGE squeals all around the omg! office.

Marv and Roch were snapped at Mamas and Papas. Copyright: [rex]

Plus, in December Marvin admitted that the couple would probably find out the sex of the baby early because they wouldn't be able to wait.

Eek! Count us officially excited for the baby Marvelle who is expected to pop out early summer after the pair announced the news back in November.

Rochelle and Marv left with a few bits. Copyright: [rex]

We get the feeling that if this is true that she is most definitely going to be one spolt little princess.

Marvin + Rochelle get ready for their last!JLS' Marvin Humes and The Saturdays' Rochelle Wiseman may have got married six months ago, but they're only just getting to have a honeymoon:

Plus, a little girl would be excellent news for baby Aoife who would have her very own little girly playmate to chill with!