Rochelle Humes returns to UK, heads straight for pie and mash. We like her style.

We always knew that Rochelle Humes was a girl after our own hearts.

Rochelle HumesRochelle Humes tucking into some hard earned pie and mash. Copyright [Rochelle Humes]And Rochelle Humes has proved it by returning from LA and heading straight to the pie and mash shop. We like her work.

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The Saturdays returned to the UK yesterday after three months in LA. During her time in the states, Rochelle repeatedly tweeted about how much she was craving good old pie and mash.

We totally get that. If we were stuck in America for three whole months without some steak and ale and a lump of carbs, we'd probably kill ourselves.

So Rochelle headed straight to the pie and mash shop, and tweeted a photo of herself with the grub.

Now we're pretty hungry and jealous.

The SaturdaysThe Saturdays return from the US with rather a lot of luggage. Copyright [Splash]However, it seems that all of The Saturdays have missed their home comforts. Since returning back to Blighty, all the girls have tweeted how much they're loving being back.

Frankie Sandford tweeted a snap of a full English breakfast, whilst Mollie King was enjoying time with her dog Alfie, drinking tea AND watching tennis.

Mollie said: "Oh my gosh it feels soooo good to be back on home turf!!!! Man have I missed you!"

Man have WE missed you girls! Welcome back!