Robert Pattinson spotted in East London, let’s form an orderly queue

There was a lot of squealing at Yahoo! omg! HQ this afternoon after we heard the news that Robert Pattinson is back in the UK.

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson was spotted out and about in London. Copyright [WENN]

Robert Pattinson has apparently been spotted in East London which means he is so unbelievably close to us we.could.scream.

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Following the hideous saga with Kristen Stewart, it seems Robert Pattinson has escaped the attention in Hollywood, deciding to retreat back to the UK.

Apparently, the Twilight actor was spotted with friends at an East London club and was, surprisingly, in good spirits.

A spy said: "Rob spent some quality time with his good friends. He looked pretty happy considering everything that has happened. He was with close friends and enjoyed the music. A lot of pretty girls kept coming up to him so I am sure that made him feel better."

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson was spotted in an East London club. Copyright [WENN]If we'd been there we totes would've been one of those girls.

Twitter was also set alight with clubbers reporting that they'd seen R-Pattz. One tweeter revealed she'd seen Robert on Brick Lane and said he was looking cheery.

We're glad that Robert is putting on a brave face. After a removal van was pictured outside the home he shared with Kristen Stewart over the weekend, we're taking it to mean he's back on the market — and maybe looking for a British girl.

Form an orderly queue girls.