Robert Pattinson spends Christmas without Kristen Stewart, spotted in local pub

Robert Pattinson spent Christmas away from his girlfriend Kristen Stewart after he was spotted enjoying a pint at his local pub by punters.

Rob was seen in his local alone over Christmas. Copyright [Twitter/Mazdem]

The couple was recently reported to have been spending the festive period together in LA but it seems that Robert Pattinson changed his mind, staying in London instead.

Shocked on lookers couldn’t believe their eyes promptly taking pictures and tweeting about the Twilight star's appearance in their local.

Sorry Rob but with social media, there really is no such thing as enjoying a quiet drink these days.

One onlooker tweeted: "Just clocked Robert Pattinson at my local. Great jawline. #Starstruck #RPatz."

While another posted: "Met and talked to RPATTZ tonight at the local pub! Although I didn't get a picture with him… I did get a creeper one on my way out for proof hahah #dies"

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It was reported earlier this month that even though Rob had forgiven Kristen for her affair with director Rupert Saunders, his family were less than happy about his decision.

Sorry babe, I don't think we should spend Xmas together. [Getty]

A source said: "They had a meal on Thanksgiving [22 November], and it was nerve-wracking for Kristen. She felt very uncomfortable and Rob's sisters couldn't be completely welcoming.

"It won't go back to normal straight away, even if Rob has decided to try again.”

The source also revealed that it was Rob’s mum who had suggested that he spend Christmas alone with his family.

"Rob's family made it clear that they really want to see him over Christmas and, after the intense promotional tour for Twilight, Rob liked the idea of spending time alone with his family,” the source added.

It seems that Robert Pattinson listened to his Mum in the end.