Robert Pattinson says he is OK, Kristen Stewart still yet to be seen

Robert Pattinson has said he is 'OK' in his second interview since his split from Kristen Stewart.

How could you cheat on that?! Copyright: [wenn]

We would almost definitely have called in sick, but when you've got a Hollywood movie to promote there is no such option.

Rob had no choice but to face some awkward questions, which he dealt with perfectly.

Sitting through a press junket, the actor did squirm a bit in his seat but managed to hold himself together and be as charming as ever.

When the interviewer asked how he was, saying his fans were concerned, Rob just giggled and said: 'Yeah'.

R-Pattz: one. Interviewer: nil.

We reckon R-Pattz looks hotter than ever! Copyright: [wenn]

When the interviewer brought up rumours that the Twilight actor had been 'wallowing in misery', Rob said how he just finds it weird people are talking about him.

He says: 'Since the first Twilight you enter this realm where things are reported about you. It's weird.'

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At which point the director of Cosmopolis who was also in the interview jumped in and said: "It's a very abstract realm that doesn't really have a lot to do with personal reality."

Robert agreed and added that "you start having a total disassociation".

So basically, he ignores what he reads.

The interviewer wrapped things up asking: 'So you really are ok?' to which R-Pattz says again: 'Yeah'.

Meanwhile, it's believed Kristen Stewart isn't dealing with things as well, after she allegedly found out she has been dropped from the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel.

ps: does everyone agree that this break-up has done wonders for Rob's looks. He is literally looking fitter than ever!