Robert Pattinson jokes he is homeless, Kristen Stewart hides reading Ghandi and watching Julia Roberts

Robert Pattinson has joked that he is 'living in a trash can' since leaving the home he shared with Kristen Stewart.

Robert Pattinson on Jimmy Kimmel. Copyright: [wenn]

Yep, Rob is still doing interviews, and still laughing and joking around any questions to do with his split from Kristen Stewart.

This time he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live in the US and the host commented that last time he interviewed Rob he was homeless, at which point R-Pattz admitted he still is.

He answered: "I still am. No, I rented this archway and I just live behind it. In one of those trash cans."

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The couple broke up after Kristen admitted to cheating on Rob with father of two Rupert Sanders who was married to model Liberty Ross.

Meanwhile Kristen is still yet to surface and those close to the actress say she is still struggling to come to terms with her actions and 'can't forgive herself'.

Kristen has been staying in reading. Copyright: [wenn]

A source told Radaronline: "Kristen is trying to find some inner peace within herself. And she is reading a lot. She has always been interested in philosophy and spirituality and she has been reading a lot of different books".

50 Shades of Grey, perhaps? Why not, everyone else is!

The source continued that Kristen is reading a lot of Ghandi after watching Eat, Pray, Love.

Amazingly random, we love it.

"Strangely enough, the one author that has really been resonating with her is Gandhi, who she decided to find out more about after watching 'Eat, Pray Love'."

"The remorse she has isn't completely gone, but Gandhi's words have certainly helped her find peace with the whole situation. Kristen isn't beating herself up over it, she's accepted that everyone makes mistakes and she has to learn from it."

Well, she better perk up soon as she's scheduled to appear at next month's Toronto film festival.