Robert Pattinson is ‘horrified’ by Kristen Stewart’s apology and has moved out their home

Robert Pattinson has decided to move out the Hollywood home he shared with Kristen Stewart after he is believed to be 'horrified' with his girlfriend.

Kristen and Rob just last week. Copyright: [wenn]

In the wake of Kristen Stewart's admission that she did cheat on Robert Pattinson with married dad of two Rupert Sanders, Rob decided to lay low.

We could only imagine how he felt after finding out that his girlfriend of years, had been unfaithful on two occasions.

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However, while he has not said anything his actions say enough for us.

According to a friend, R-Pattz struggled to 'digest' what had happened for a while before deciding that he could not give Kris a second chance.

Kris cheated on Rob with Rupert Sanders. Copyright: [wenn]

The actor is believed to be particularly upset with Kristen's very public but also very unexpected apology in which she said she loved him and was sorry.

"He is still in total shock," said the source, "but Rob is a very, very proud man — and Kristen knew how he feels about remaining faithful, loyalty and commitment. … He also was horrified that she issued a public apology to him.

"It was even more surprising because the two of them had this very specific personal agreement about not 'going public' with their relationship, until they both agreed it was the right time. To do it this way — apologizing for cheating on him — ended up being totally unacceptable.

"As Rob said (after Kristen released her statement), 'She only had to call two people: me and Liberty Ross.' "

Rob previously told Vanity Fair: 'I'm not the casual-affair kind of guy,' he said. 'If I choose to be with someone, it's because I really want it. When I have a relationship, I'm 100 percent into it.'

We just hope he is dealing with all this OK, big hug goes out to Rob.